“We can no longer be complacent, we need to have a clear vision for the future of San Ramon.”


I am running for San Ramon City Council because I am passionate about my home and the people that are the heart of this community. San Ramon is an extraordinary city with a high quality of life and fiscal vitality.

As your City Councilmember, I will adopt an open and inclusive approach to the City’s governance. I will listen to your concerns and be your voice on the City Council.


My priorities are:


Reduce Traffic Congestion

Our population has doubled in the last ten years. Yet, capacity on our local streets and our transit options have not kept pace with this rapid development. I served on the City of San Ramon Transportation Advisory Committee where we reviewed and made recommendations on all transportation-related issues in San Ramon.

We need an improved flow of traffic from major city arteries. With technology and innovation, we can collect data on traffic patterns, plan accordingly and provide real relief of traffic congestion. While 30% of residents choose not to commute by car, there is more we can do to improve the accessibility and convenience of public transit and other modes of transportation including biking. One overlooked resource: getting residents out of their cars and onto the County Connection Express buses from San Ramon Transit Center & Park and Ride to Walnut Creek BART, the Dublin/Pleasanton BART stations and Pleasanton ACE Train station during commute hours.

Enhance Public Safety

I support more collaboration between our police and schools to enhance the safety of our students from threats of gun violence and to decrease substance abuse. To address an increase in car and home break-ins and reduce response times, I will work to re-establish police presence in the Dougherty Valley police sub-station.
As a parent, I have been concerned by the lack of after-school activities. My goal is to build a youth center to keep our youth engaged beyond organized sports teams.

Support Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs

As a Technology Leader at General Electric Digital, I have experience leading and designing technology solutions for Global Industrial companies which I can draw from when addressing San Ramon’s growth as a hub for technology. Our large employers are vital to the economic well-being of our residents and our city. Additionally, I will focus on our small businesses and neighborhood shopping centers to create policies and initiatives that help them grow and also attract new tenants and businesses. Sometimes it can be as simple as allowing unique signage or the right lighting, but whatever the solution, our small businesses contribute a great deal to our local employment and tax base.

Fiscal Stability

As a business executive, I understand budgets and spreadsheets and a priority is to prioritize fiscal stability and a balanced budget while maintaining quality public services in the face of increased growth.

Build Community Cohesion and Spirit

My children attended public schools within the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. As a parent, I have been an active volunteer with the PTA and I am widely recognized for my efforts to bring the community together, using social media and volunteers to unite with community projects. I will bring this same spirit of community with me to the city council. Our city is a vibrant mosaic of various cultures. We must do more to build bridges between our diverse communities, including community-wide events. I would like to bring back the 4th of July fireworks, possibly a parade and other events that engage our entire city and build community cohesion.

Transparent City Government

I will ensure that we bring transparency to city government by using technology, and tried and true ways of engaging citizens that allow you to be more involved in the decision-making process. I will open more channels of communication with our community, including social media and live streaming city council meetings, so citizens remain informed and engaged.

Preserving Open Space

I am committed to preserving the Urban Limit Line and protecting our open spaces and park lands.